User experience and customer similar words, huge differences!

A post by Florian GUILBERT, MSc Student in Digital Marketing @KEDGE Business School. 

What do you think about CX and UX? Like most people, you probably think they are the similar! I thought the same before studying digital marketing in business school and now I can say it’s not the same at all!

UX is the customer/user’s experience with a specific product or service, a website, an app, or software. The design of the interface its usability, information architecture, navigation, comprehension, etc. all this things combined create the UX.

And CX? Forbes says that customer experience is the “cumulative impact of multiple touchpoints” over the course of a customer’s interaction with an organization, a brand, a company….  CX is a large concept including all channels and all products within the same brand, and how the user feels about them. Also, CX includes an idea of relationship created between consumer and the brand and how this relationship  could evolve.

To summarize:


Which one should I favor?

Both, my captain!

If you have a bad UX when you start using an app or website, you will have difficulties finding what you want, browsing information will be confusing, and you will waste time, which is probably the worse thing for a consumer! In return, you can have the best  app or website of all times, but if you have a bad CX, and can’t deliver a good service or provide experience in your shop, the effect is null. In both cases, consumers are not satisfied.

Let’s take a look at some best examples of  CX and UX

Below a selection of my favorite CX!

L’Oréal Make Up Genius, L’Oreal does not only sell cosmetic anymore, but also beauty services thanks to augmented reality! They use new technologies every day, I love it!


Peugeot: Peugeot’s Connect app service is the companion of the car which includes monitoring and controls functionalities!  Mobiles services help the use of physical products, just a great idea!


Nike + :  Nike+ follows you all day long by recording your trainings sessions and coaching you according to your physiognomy. A personal coach in your pocket!

Below a selection af my favorite UX!

Graze : One of my biggest pet peaves on any website is when it’s not immediately clear. Here, there is a really simple explanation of what the company does and what you need to do!



Farmdrop : There are only two options for the user at this stage: explore the shop or find out more. This provides the customer with a straightforward journey and guides them towards the purchasing stage.

Vertty : Vertty just sells one product, you flick between all the different color options and you see you all the key information when you hover your mouse over the product.GUILBERT 6

And you? What your best example of UX and CX? Give me your opinion 😉


In 2015, I’m Yelping away!

Happy 2015, everyone!

As the first post for this year, I would like to tell you a bit about one of my new hobbies of 2014: Yelp.

Yelp is an online community which publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. A bit like a social network for customer reviews, with a dedicated site for most big cities worldwide.

I started using Yelp as a way to find things in Glasgow. Being en expat is not always easy: locating shops for very specific things you need once in a blue moon, or just findings a good place for something basic like dry cleaning can turn into a nightmare! I found Yelp so helpful, both in terms of finding places, but also assessing their quality through other people’s reviews, that I started posting reviews myself.

Always give back to the community 

I am now quite active on the platform, and here is what I really like about it:

Quality, not quantity: there is no pressure to review loads – what you write matters more than how much you write. I was really surprised to be awarded the Elite badge (a form of internal recognition for being a good Yelper) after just a few reviews, but this is the spirit: you don’t need to write much, as long as it is good quality. As you can see on my homepage below, there is kind prompting to review but you can just ignore them or do it whenever you fancy.

Yelp Homepage

Real sense of community: when you start yelping for a city, you get connected with other Yelpers from your town and start building connections. Being part of the Elite Squad also gives you access to special events where you meet tons of great folks. Yelp is actually the only social network that I use where online friends became real life ones, rather than the other way around.

Marketing research: I can’t help but seeing this from a marketing researcher point of view (I’m doomed!) and I learn a lot about consumer behaviour and social media marketing through Yelp. I guess I am just in default “netnography” mode all the time. Maybe one day I can write a paper about it…

Honesty: I like the fact that reviewers always try to be as objective and fair as possible. Although bad reviews inevitably happen, Yelp is not the place to go bashing about and complaining. People are committed to supporting local businesses. Everything you do on Yelp is for free, but the benefits you reap are well worth it (from shops discounts, to access to special events or insight into trending things in your city).

Amazing app: it’s all about being mobile, especially when it comes to reviewing and rating places you go to. I use Yelp on my phone most: I check into places, post pictures and tips on the go, and I can see instantly what others think of my updates – however, I usually write reviews on a computer.

I hope this post got you curious about Yelp and also hope it will be as helpful for you as it it for me if you ever need it.

Wishing everyone in Glasgow and around the world a fantastic 2015!


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