Essentials of social media engagement [research infographic]

Engaging their community on social media is what all community and brand managers are striving for. Social media may be the best place to interact with audiences, but without clear understanding of the psychology of how people engage , brand efforts may fall flat and fail to reap the expected social media ROI.

In my latest paper, I discover top characteristics of social media engagement every manager should keep on top of their mind.


The paper goes on to explains in more detail driving factors of social media engagement and its benefits for brands. It is forthcoming in the Journal of Marketing Management – watch their space or get in touch for more details.

PS: To find out more about creating an infographic from research papers, click here and here. This time, I created mine with Canva

Capturing the real consumer engagement

During my PhD, I created a measure of online consumer engagement. In other words, it is a list of questions that people answer to help gauge their level of engagement with a brand, product or even community.

With this tool, we can find out how emotionally, behaviourally and cognitively engaged consumers are. This is really useful, because most online metrics at the moment only allow you to say how engaged people are by counting “likes”, “comments” or “shares”… If this was enough to know how people REALLY react to marketing content, we would live in a dream-world!

My results show that people with high online consumer engagement  are more likely to trust, commit and be loyal to a brand.

The tool is therefore useful for managers who want to find out the engagement level of their audience and improve it to sustain their growth.

The infographic belows explains what my metric of online engagement is about and how it works. 4 years of hard work nicely summarised for you!

infographic, engagement, consumer engagement, emotion, thinking, action, behavior, behaviour, metric, measure, score

To find out more about the metric, the project and related publication, you can go on the blog of The Journal of Marketing Management, here or get in touch with me directly.

In 2015, I’m Yelping away!

Happy 2015, everyone!

As the first post for this year, I would like to tell you a bit about one of my new hobbies of 2014: Yelp.

Yelp is an online community which publishes crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses. A bit like a social network for customer reviews, with a dedicated site for most big cities worldwide.

I started using Yelp as a way to find things in Glasgow. Being en expat is not always easy: locating shops for very specific things you need once in a blue moon, or just findings a good place for something basic like dry cleaning can turn into a nightmare! I found Yelp so helpful, both in terms of finding places, but also assessing their quality through other people’s reviews, that I started posting reviews myself.

Always give back to the community 

I am now quite active on the platform, and here is what I really like about it:

Quality, not quantity: there is no pressure to review loads – what you write matters more than how much you write. I was really surprised to be awarded the Elite badge (a form of internal recognition for being a good Yelper) after just a few reviews, but this is the spirit: you don’t need to write much, as long as it is good quality. As you can see on my homepage below, there is kind prompting to review but you can just ignore them or do it whenever you fancy.

Yelp Homepage

Real sense of community: when you start yelping for a city, you get connected with other Yelpers from your town and start building connections. Being part of the Elite Squad also gives you access to special events where you meet tons of great folks. Yelp is actually the only social network that I use where online friends became real life ones, rather than the other way around.

Marketing research: I can’t help but seeing this from a marketing researcher point of view (I’m doomed!) and I learn a lot about consumer behaviour and social media marketing through Yelp. I guess I am just in default “netnography” mode all the time. Maybe one day I can write a paper about it…

Honesty: I like the fact that reviewers always try to be as objective and fair as possible. Although bad reviews inevitably happen, Yelp is not the place to go bashing about and complaining. People are committed to supporting local businesses. Everything you do on Yelp is for free, but the benefits you reap are well worth it (from shops discounts, to access to special events or insight into trending things in your city).

Amazing app: it’s all about being mobile, especially when it comes to reviewing and rating places you go to. I use Yelp on my phone most: I check into places, post pictures and tips on the go, and I can see instantly what others think of my updates – however, I usually write reviews on a computer.

I hope this post got you curious about Yelp and also hope it will be as helpful for you as it it for me if you ever need it.

Wishing everyone in Glasgow and around the world a fantastic 2015!


If you want to know more about Yelp and amazing Yelpers, follow the links…or find them in your own city.

  • Glasgow: site, Twitter and Instagram @yelpglasgow
  • Dublin (which I recently visited): site, Twitter and Instagram @yelpdublin
  • Brussels (for my Belgian readers): site, Twitter and Instagram @yelpbrussels
  • HQ: Site (Blog), Twitter and Instagram @yelp


I don’t blog much about music, but my latest discovery cannot be left unshared, so I am happily deviating from my usual topics – also because it relates to what I love: online communities and great brands.

I am a big fan of the Italian singer and songwriter Jovanotti. From hearing my uncle sing his early hits in the 1990’s, to re-discovering him in the mid-2000’s, this artist has stuck with me. He always comes with very varied influences (rap, hip-hop, disco, funk, world music), meaningful texts and is where you least expect him, always innovating, always reinventing himself. He’s the kind of artist that brings you to a happy place.

A few weeks ago, he launched JovaTV, which can be described as an online platform for video sharing, centred around him and his work, but going much further than that. Let me explain. On the one hand, the platform features official and unofficial music clips, stories, shots of life, etc. posted by Jovanotti himself. You can even watch one of his live shows in full. Pretty awesome, but not yet transcending.


The really amazing part of the site is the section of the called “YouJova”, where fans can submit their own videos, somehow related to Jova’s music (covers, flashmobs, kids singing, dances, etc.)

I think this is a great way to give voice to fans, to build a community and share this feeling of sheer happiness and optimism that transpires through Jova’s work. Some fan videos are very professional, properly directed and cut, others are highly unplanned and casual, making for a really rich web of interrelated, meaningful stories.

This is how Jovanotti envisions the platform:

I would like to post experiments, travel stories and above all music. I will use it to tell stories, to let you see things that traditional TV does not have time and will to broadcast, to have an archive of my whole story, to give an outlet to new directors and filmmakers

This is still a beta project, which is due to evolve. From the look of it, it is off to a great start.

Stay tuned, browse through, and discover what I think is the start of a fantastic specialised social platform and  strong brand.

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