Learning from the Crossfit brand

crossfit-yellowI’m currently researching the practice of Crossfit and its brand. As an extreme sport and worldwide phenomenon, I think we can learn a lot about branding and consumption of such sports. Data collection is underway: hopefully sharing some findings with you soon. Get in touch if you want to get involved or know more about the project!

Snapchat this. NOW!

snap-generation-a-guide-to-history-of-snapchat-garyveeSnapchat is the new social media craze among Millenials. Whether it is here to last is not the issue, the issue is that businesses need to be on it, now. In a piece for the HBR, I review the phenomenon and its marketing utility. Tips and tricks to use Snapchat for your business this way in French and here in English.

I’m interested in conducting a full research project on the topic if anyone wants to join in – get in touch through the contact page.

Social media engagement is about the people

social-mediaThis project aimed to understand how consumers engage on social media. The study shows that engaging with the community of other consumers is as important as engaging with brands, products or services. It shows the power of the social collective and reinforces its importance in social media marketing strategies.

Discover the full paper in the Journal of Product and Brand Management here.

Learn to measure consumer engagement online

measureDuring my PhD, I developed a scale to measure online consumer engagement. This 4-year effort involved many consumers, academic experts and marketing professionals. Measuring consumer engagement is business challenge nowadays and gaining a lot of academic attention. I show that engagement is made of emotions, mental involvement and actions.

Find out more about the paper on the blog of the Journal of Marketing Management, and download the full paper here.