Welcome! You have decided or are thinking to work on your dissertation with me and I am very happy to be helping you in this exciting and challenging process.

To get started, download and read these files:

  1. Choosing your topic
  2. The dissertation structure
  3. Choosing your title
  4. Writing the introduction
  5. Citing references with the Harvard style
  6. More to come!

This repository is intended to give you guidelines and best practice to help you complete your dissertation with me.

I will keep writing guidelines for different aspects of the dissertations, including how to write all the other chapters of the dissertation, choosing a methodology or preparing for the defence.

Please leave your suggestions below for any aspect of the dissertation you would like me to address next. Any questions or comments are welcome here and the other can benefit from them too.

What this repository is:

  1. A tool to help you write your dissertation. It explains dissertation content and structure recommendations, as well as quality expectations for each of the building blocs of the work.
  2. Collaborative: I invite you to ask questions in the comments sections so everyone can benefit from it. I answer the questions here as quickly as I would by email, so shoot!

 What this repository is not:

  1. A reminder of administrative requirement. For all questions about planning, deadlines, thesis layout and length, refer to documentation provided by your programme. It is your job to make sure that you’ll meet the deadlines, submit and defend on time where applicable. It is also your job to ensure that you provide a dissertation that complies with the programme guidelines.
  2. Applicable to other professors: it should not be used by students who are not mentored by me. Each professor has his/her own expectations and style and you should not assume that other professors have the same as me.
  3. Official business school or university material, and it only involves me.

Any questions related to your dissertation? Leave them here!