That’s me

Marketing as a default thinking mode.

laurence143I am a marketing researcher, learner and consultant, but first and foremost, a consumer at heart. Consumption is not always good, marketing is not always well executed, but to me, they are inevitable. I think marketing with every thing I buy, every ad I see, every shop I go to.

If I like to decode a lot of things with a marketing lens, I am also an emotional consumer and attach a lot of meaning to (sometimes very trivial) things. Once being unable to part with a t-shirt I had, admittedly, not worn for years, my friend told me “Stop being such a consumer!” How blatantly inadequate.

Passionate for marketing research and consultancy, I have a flair for branding, consumer behaviour & digital marketing. On this blog, you’ll find my views on a number of current marketing related issues: I balance the consumer, manager and researcher point of views, often with a branding twist. I also share my research experience: after doing my PhD on online consumer engagement at the University of Glasgow ASBS, I am now at Kedge Business School in France.

Get in touch, leave comments & enjoy!


Twitter: @laurencedessart


10 thoughts on “That’s me”

  1. Laurence, I love your blog. It is visually appealling, packed full of interesting posts and really well written. Your personal and PhD journeys are insightful and good to read as a reminder of where we have been or mean to go. Good luck for the next few months. Oh and happy new year. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Marian, they mean a lot! Writing about the PhD is a reflective and creative process…and a good change from academic writing I must say 🙂 I need to get back to my blog though…writing up and blogging don’t seem to add up these days! Have a wonderful 2015 too!

  2. So much happy reading you Laurance .
    I realky appreciate your carier cursus …and some of your view on marketing on line ..

    I have osme personal questions that i woukd lije you to lighthen em a few ,

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