My top 5 PhD-related blogs

Going on blogs to find inspiration or answers to my questions along the PhD journey has almost become an automatism. The PhD process can be lonely and you cannot always reach for help in your direct network. Here are my go-to blogs for inspiration:

The Thesis Whisperer

This is probably the most comprehensive and useful blog on the topic of doing a thesis. It is packed with stories, practical tips and other resources. I also really like that it features guest bloggers and uses other people’s stories, making it really rich and giving different perspectives. It is run by Dr Inger Mewburn, Director of research training at the Australian National University. You really want to check it out, it most certainly will have an answer to any of your PhD-related question.

Inger also has set up the very useful #phdchat hashtag on Twitter and her account is @thesiswhisperer

Next Scientist

This blog is a bit more commercial in nature (it sells trainings, ebooks and resources) but you also get access for free to a lot of very practical information about PhD motivation and career planning.

From PhD to Life 

Another blog packed with free resources and tips, as well as coaching services offered by Jen, a professional career coach for graduate and PhD students. I follow her on Twitter as well and she is really helpful.


This blog is not completely geared toward PhDs but rather academic writing. Daniel used to give writing seminars for the University of Glasgow and he was such an inspiration that I still refer to his blog for writing tips.

And, just for fun…

PhD Comics

Because sometimes, you need a bit of self-derision. And because these cartoons are so very true, like this one about writing:


Happy research, folks!

7 thoughts on “My top 5 PhD-related blogs”

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  2. Hi Laurence, I have followed your blog for a while and really appreciate for your useful information related to Marketing and PHD experience. I just received my Master’s degree in this early December. Actually, I’m wondering if I should continue my study for the field that I’m quite interested in. Sometimes, I just felt I have thought too much with doing less practical efforts.

    1. Hello dear. Thanks for following me, I really appreciate it and hope my blogs are helping. Congrats on getting your degree! A phd is a very particular experience but very rewarding if research is what you’re interested in…do you have specific questions I could help with? Take care, laurence

      1. Many thanks for your reply! The research field I’m quite interested in is “brand management”. Recently, I’m doing preparations for finding a graduate job and also for phd application, which made me quite tired. But actually I just want to have more chances in the field I’m interested in. Would you mind me asking you more academic questions later related to the “proposal topic”?

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