Movember is here.

But first, an apology for this strange portemanteau word of a title! Adverstaching is the adroit combination of two of my favourite things in the world: Mustaches (understand facial hair in general) and Advertising.

Adverstaching [noun, f]: Frantic use of models with amazing facial hair for the purpose of selling

So, I did a bit of research and scooped out for you some campaigns that are surfing on the hairy wave of the beard mania.

1. The “shaving brand” wave, or those capitalising on bearded man to sell shaving products.

“Free your skin” campaign by razor brand Schick claims that beards are like little animals clinging on to your face. Too me that’s just another reason to like them. Beards, I mean.


“Tame the beast” campaign by shaving salon Barber in Amsterdam warns men to keep wild hair at bay with, again, most adorable models, like this reindeer.


The “beardvertising” campaign by the Dollar Shaving Club. I think this is my favourite one: a disposable razor blade company creates awareness by encouraging men to use their beards as advertising channels. Meta-advertising and all that.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 9.40.09 AM

2. The “celebrity endorsement” wave

Because there has been a surge in male celebrities growing beards, and that we all agree they all look better with than without (yes, we do, Cosmo), companies have also made the most of it. Celebrity endorsements are getting hairier and hairier.

Marc O’Polo has decided to go beardy, but classy. A good Jeff Bridges never goes out of style. Especially with a guitar thrown in.


As much as you’d think that Brad Pitt cannot go wrong, the Chanel No5 campaign below, using a male endorser for the first time, is probably the worst campaign of the year. Don’t watch the video, even Brad looks sad to be doing it. But hey, nice goatee.

3. The crafty ones

The beard, the romanticised couple, the rock attitude and the visual effect. Very 2013, but very well done, Garnier.

garnier fructis

4. The “things gone nuts”

I don’t know what happened here, and it is a bit off-topic because it is not an advertising campaign, but I had to.

You never put flowers in your hair, gentlemen, why suddenly in the beard?! Wait, there is a Tumblr about it…Oh, alright, then.


I just wish  it was a campaign for something…I guess I will just be patiently waiting for a company to use the flowery beards in their ads.

Until then, ladies, we have plenty of mustaches and beard-growing to witness and donate to this month.

Happy Movember, everyone! 


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