Conferences, beans and blues.

This is a travel/work-related post, as it is about going to a conference in Indianapolis, and visiting a friend in Chicago at the same time. Well, this was a few months ago but I guess it’s never too late to share my best shots and impressions, on this second trip ever to the great US of A.

Fact1: I want to live in Chicago! 

I mean…don’t you?


Fact 2: You can only look stupid on a picture where you are giving a speech…

…but I am still very proud of not loosing my English during the presentation, tripping over my own foot, or having my mind go blank at any point: so here is a shot of my grandiose conference presentation about anti-branding. Mmm, I need to do a post about anti-branding. And put my jacket over my belt.


Fact 3: Conferences are one of the most enjoyable aspect of academic life 

You get to travel around, visit places you might never have gone to otherwise, and meet wonderful people. Hereunder at the Chicago “bean” with my colleague Anais from Belgium:


…and here in Indianapolis, having pints and waiting for our probably 6th burger meal in a week, with all the researchers from the UK  that I could find. It felt like home, and so good to be able to say “lovely” and “brilliant” without being laughed at. Seriously, I am not used to everything being “O.M.G.! AMAZING!” all the time. FYI, the burgers were not.


Fact 4: Meeting alumni from your Alma Mater scattered all over the world is fantastic

Belgians might not be the most prone to expatriation (because it’s a really good country to live in, …probably?), but meeting friends from uni years after and miles away is such a treat. Here, we are with Roberto and Camille who have studied international business with us in Belgium, and now live in Chicago. (#HECULg4ever)



Fact 5: There is no fact 5, I just need to reassert my point that Chicago is beautiful 


And finally, because a post about Chicago cannot not mention blues, and because I think this might have been recorded when I was in the audience, here is a song from the Chicago Blues Bar. Enjoy!

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