Hipsters taking pictures of hipsters taking pictures of food.

What seemed like a weird trend a few months back has now evolved in a global phenomenon, and it is taking huge proportions as time goes by, both in the private, public and business spheres. Here is a bit of a reflexion on the whole “food chat” and “picture taking” that is erupting these days.

Oh, yes, I know, only hipsters take pictures of food, not you. And it is either disgustingly healthy and oddly colourful/perfect, or blindingly sweating with fat. Or just an awkward shot with a bad light. Or it is the odd, expensive, super fancy, four star meal you’ve been treated to for your birthday. Or this cake you made that really turned out to be amazing FOR ONCE. Think about it. You too have at some point posted a picture of food. SHAME.

instagram food

What’s with all the food pictures then? What’s with all the healthy living and self-indulging chat? What’s with all these obscure people becoming famous because they talk about what our grandmas have done for decades, only on a fancy blog? What’s with all these celebrities suddenly turning into health gurus, because they too – surprise!, know how to cook.

It only takes a fews clicks and taps to discover that social media are absolutely infested with pictures of food, recipes and health advice. Don’t get me wrong, I am the first to feast on these.

I enjoy my food boards on Pinterest, following Deliciously Ella’s blog, and Glasgow-based fresheather ‘s Instragram flux and youtube channel. I adore Jamie Oliver’s newly revamped website, and I am very curious about Gwyneth Paltrow’s new GOOP platform, which seems to be falling into the lifestyle app/e-commerce category. I’ve also recently discovered the joys of “Yelping” and leave reviews for my favourite food stores and restaurants in Glasgow. Yelp, admittedly, is not only about food…but still a lot. I have fun enlightening 5 Instagram followers with my latest breakfast experiment, most likely out of narcissism, let’s admit it. It makes me feel good to see the amount of likes on my spirulina smoothie: what has happened to me?

It’s interesting to think of what could lie behind this “food bubble”, though. Is it bound to last or burst? Is it just one aspect of people posting everything and anything about there lives? Does is sit in a wider trend toward health-consciousness to reduce obesity and malnutrition?

Loads of food for thought, anyway. Pun intended.

I’m going to leave you to think about it with this last note: if you ever want to be the perfect combination of a geek and foodie, go for the emoji diet  – it does not get better!



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