Brand Britain at stake

Country branding has been on the agenda for a long time. Whether it is to create a tourism advertising campaign, stand as a strong political ally, or simply generate economic wealth, countries are more and more consciously working on their national brand.

In the wake of the Scottish referendum for Independence due to take place in just a few days, my marketer mind, all political thoughts aside, boggles at the idea of the future of brand “Britain”, should Scotland go its own way.

What would happen of the Union Jack, the “logo” of the brand? As we know, it combines the flag of England (a red cross on a white background), the flag of Scotland (a white saltire on a blue background) , and the red saltire representing Northern Ireland.


Designers have apparently started thinking about the issue and proposed version of the flag that remove the Scottish elements and add green sections instead in a way to make Wales stand out. A change of flag would however cost millions of pounds and likely be highly unpopular.

Yet, the question remains: would brand Britain suffer from a Scottish independence? What would it mean for the brand’s values, the way it is perceived by the public and its long term credibility?

We shall find out soon enough! Stay tuned next Thursday to know if the Union Jack should still bear the Scottish blue.

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