The long Glaswegian winter

Hi everybody! I have not written a post in so long, I feel shameful! Well, pretty much I have been hiding in my PhD den, trying to stay away from the daunting Scottish winter while attempting to remain mentally sane.

But truly, the last few months of my life up north have been quite exciting despite the constant cold (which treated me with a throat infection and multiple colds – let’s forget about that)!

Well, first of all, I turned 25. Daunting, I know. Even more terrifying to be growing old and hitting the quarter of century far from all  familial mental support. You know, family always manages to make you feel good about yourself because, until you have kids, you always remain part of the young ones. Well tough luck, this time! I had to deal with my ageing self and drink my sorrows away! Which I did pretty well, not to worry.

Then, essentially…I’ve been working! And working.

First of all, the teaching! From mid-January until about mid-March, I managed to rope myself into doing a fairly insane amount of tutoring. There were plenty of interesting marketing classes that needed teaching assistants and I just could not miss the opportunities. Plus, let’s be honest, it’s a nice addition to my pay check and CV! So both undergrad and postgrad marketing students probably got completely fed up with me, as I was hanging about in their e-marketing, marketing futurecast, marketing foresight, introduction to marketing and marketing communications classes.

Tutoring is absolutely great and I’m looking forward to being able to have my own classes and do lectures. Tutorial classes (understand: small classes of max 20-25 students, most often based on discussion and problem solving related to a theoretical issue) really allow you to interact and share with students. You also learn a lot from them, it’s a two-way process.

On the subject of tutoring, I can’t help but share this meme I just found. Whoever created it is a genius (not me, I swear)!

tutoring lauren

However, it’s not always easy: when you are teaching the same 1h class seven times in 2 days, you start repeating yourself and you can see in the eyes of your students of group #7 that they are concerned about your mental health, usually after you have taken attendance for the second time or just made the same point you had made 10 minutes prior.

And on this note about tutoring, I leave you until my next post, which I think will be about my latest research advances and fantastic customer interviews.

Thanks for reading and, Brace Yourself: Spring is coming!

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