Comme disait Yoko Ono…

On my way back from Greece, I had a two-day stop-over in London. As I had already seen most of the “must-see” place in London, I decided to see where my steps would take me.

The quote above is by Yoko Ono, a truly interesting artist whose work I had never seen before.

At the Yoko Ono exhibition, I also played a giant chess game and saw people getting lost in a glass maze.

Then I got trapped in the crowd going to a so-called “Wireless Festival” in Hyde Park – apparently featuring Drake, Rihanna, Deadmau5, Jessie J and Nicky Minaj…who are these people?

Running away from that crowd, I had chat with a couple of squirrels trying to get a piece of my almond moon (a most-delicious-and-until-then-unknown type of pastry). Bas les pattes, petit animal!

Then of course, I paid my respects to the Queen. Well, I mean…I waved at her modest house, took a picture and went away. Nothing so special about it, I have to say: the Belgian Royal palace is much bigger! (in my mind at least…)

On the next day, I made my way toward the Thames.

…and had delightful time at the Tate Modern.

Among other interesting facts, I got trapped with my friend Slaveya into a gay parade in Soho. Sadly, no picture can testify what my innocent eyes saw over there.

Oh, and I had the most fantastic lunch at the Belgian place “Pain Quotidien”.

What else could I ask for, really?

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