A week in Αθήνα

If the daily life of a PhD student consists mostly of reading, writing and collecting and analyzing data, this routine is also sometimes interrupted by the exciting occurrence of an academic conference.

I had already been to a conference in the past, where I presented the results of my Master’s dissertation. That was in Switzerland last year. This time, I flew to Athens to present a paper deriving from a section of my literature review.

Athens! Greece! The divine sun! I was a little bit excited, I must admit.

The presentation went very well. I was warmly welcomed by the organizing committee because Cleopatra, my supervisor, is part of it and head of the marketing research unit. I attended a lot of very interesting presentations by other academics and also got ideas for my own research. It’s really fantastic to meet people from all over the world who share the same interests and go through the same questionings and processes.

Now, aside from the serious part of it, a conference also often comprises what is called a “social program”, where attendees have the opportunity to take part in all sorts of more relaxed activities. So, we started with a Greek Night, with amazing Greek food and dances on the hotel rooftop…just fantastic!

Me on the conference hotel rooftop

We also went on a cruise on the islands off the coast of Athens. Leaving from the mythical Piraeus harbor, we sailed to Hydra, Poros and Aegina. It was a blast…I think pictures will speak for themselves.

Of course, I got slightly sunburnt (having seen no proper sun for months) but it was well worth it!

The next day, I abandoned my friends from the conference and embarked on a visit of the city center. Athens, here I come! The city is so beautiful and full of history that it makes you dizzy…here are a few pictures of the highlights of Athens.

The Parthenon on the Acropolis 

The temple of Zeus

The parliament

Hope you enjoyed the post. Many thanks to all of those who made this trip to Athens a fantastic experience!

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