Riding around

After living for a year in China and using a bike quite frequently, I found myself a bit lost in Glasgow without one. Since I also got my belgian bike stolen in August, and the criminality rate in Glasgow is quite similar to the one in Liège (I assume), I did not want to invest too much in my new bike and was on the lookout for a nice online deal….which I finally found – as well as a big solid lock :-). Meet my bike —————>

So, now I can proudly ride around and discover new parts of the city (in addition to my usual everyday trip, to and from the University). As today was extremely – and unusually – bright and sunny, I could not miss the opportunity to go for a ride. Here are some views of Glasgow on a nice Sunday morning.

This is the “Glasgow Green”, a big park on the south east side of the city. Very nice place to walk around…and have a chat with an old Irishman for 45 minutes 🙂

These were taken by the river Clyde. The riverside feels a bit like Liège in some place, although more industrial; you would almost expect to see an old steam train transporting coal on these bridges. The first bridge hereunder reminds me of the one that links Angleur with le Val Saint Benoît.

The old man I talked to today in the park (not creepy at all, rather very nice and interesting) told me something I find quite wise, and I will leave you on this note:

“If you start finding excuses for not doing something today, you probably won’t do it tomorrow either”.

Wish you all a very good week!

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