On February 3rd, 2011, day of the Chinese New Year, we flew to Bangkok on our way to a longer trip in Laos. We only got to spend a day there before flying to Chaing Rai, in the North.

Although Bangkok has a sad reputation of being the capital city of sex tourism, it is also and most importantly, a beautiful Asian city to visit. Thailand is economically much more advanced than its neighbor Laos, and tourism plays an important role in this financial stability. They speak Thaï, have Teravada Bouddhism as main religion and the currency is the baht (40 000 baht = roughly 1 euro).

We decided to spend the very little time we had there as perfect tourists, and visited the Royal Palace. As you can see, sobriety is not a key word there: there are loads of golden ornaments and architecture is extremely detailed. The Royal Palace is a hallmark of the city and the King himself is really close to a living God – you can see his picture on every corner.

Like many other Asian capitals, Bankgok is hustling and bustling day and night. Thai people love flowers too, which they use as gifts to Buddha and arrange is sophisticated ornaments. Below a picture of the flower market.

Bangkok is not only a treat for the sense of smell, but also that of taste! Local specialties can be found and eaten anywhere in the streets: chicken satay skewers, fried anything, Phos, …and insects! I tried with much anticipation and pleasure a few fried insects…Yummi!

After a brief walk through the hot district where the population is composed almost exclusively of white male and Thai girls, cute night markets were a much appreciated change of air and ended my first and only day in Bangkok before flying to the north of Thailand.

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